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Supposedly, the whiteout is a hockey tradition, and the Pittsburgh fans certainly didn't let it down. Beaver Stadium one of the biggest sports stadiums in the United States, and is home to the nation's top student section. The whiteout theme makes it an even tougher place to play. During a matchup with rival Ohio State, the Buckeyes had to call multiple timeouts because the stadium was too loud for the players to hear the plays. The Jets ended up sweeping the series, and instituted the whiteout for every following home game. The Phoenix Coyotes have continued the tradition, and have been involved in legal disputes with Penn State because they claim they coined the term "whiteout.

After nearly being trapped by a cave-in at the plane, Stetko must have her badly frostbitten fingers amputated by Doc. She then finds the missing scientist hiding in her office. He tells her that he and his two companions found the plane and took the canisters, but the killer has them now.

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The base commander orders everyone to evacuate because of the murders. With Haden locked in the brig and the winter storm near, Stetko and Pryce search for the canisters. However, Haden manages to escape and starts pursuing Stetko and Pryce. The three end up outside the base while the winter storm happens, and just when Haden corners, and is about to kill, Carrie, Pryce arrives and cuts Haden's safety rope and he is dragged onto the base's wall as a result of the storm's heavy winds, fatally smashing his head in the process.

Stetko checks the last departing plane's cargo manifest and learns that the bodies of the dead scientists were not aboard.

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She searches their body bags and notices that the stitching on Weiss's old wound matches the distinctive pattern on her amputated fingers. Stetko explores the body and finds several bags of large, uncut diamonds. Doc confesses that he was part of a diamond smuggling ring with the others before Haden killed the rest.

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He had hoped that the diamonds would make him wealthy outside Antarctica. When Doc tells Stetko he wants to see the aurora australis one last time, she allows him to walk outside to his death. Six months later, Stetko, Pryce, and Delfy have wintered at the facility.

She transmits an email to her superior, rescinding her previous resignation and asking for a warmer location for her assignment. The studio cast Reese Witherspoon to star in Whiteout , which would be based on the screenplay written by the Hoebers.

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In October , Whiteout entered development at Dark Castle Entertainment , with production slated to begin in the coming winter for a release date in the first quarter of In the same month, Beckinsale was cast in the lead role. Both real and fake snow were used in production. The author of the graphic novel, Greg Rucka, applauded the film adaptation of his source material, but upon seeing the finished film felt differently, saying that "Comic Carrie and One Act Play Carrie would shake Movie Carrie down behind the bleachers, laugh her out of the You Share Our Name Club, and send her limping and mewling home to mother.

And they wouldn't feel a moment's regret about doing it, either. The film was panned by critics. The film was released to U. It was a box office bomb. The theatrical release was on September 11, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Whiteout Theatrical release poster. Dark Castle Entertainment.

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Case left main bronchus intubation with complete right lung collapse Case left main bronchus intubation with complete right lung collapse. Case airway foreign body in child Case airway foreign body in child. Case Hemithorax white-out pneumonia Case Hemithorax white-out pneumonia. Case Diaphragmatic hernia Case Diaphragmatic hernia. Case Left lung aplasia Case Left lung aplasia. Case Agenesis of right lung Case Agenesis of right lung. Imaging differential diagnosis. Ruptured hemidiaphragm Ruptured hemidiaphragm. Tension gastrothorax Tension gastrothorax.

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