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Affix the mainline to the last swivel eye and bounce the rig over points, contour breaks, flats and humps, keeping the main line at a degree angle. It will veer sideways with sudden bursts of speed, then return back to centre, before darting off to the other side again, like a baitfish trying to escape a predator. The Scatter Rap Series may very well be the easiest lures to fish. Cast it out and reel it back to the boat.

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The Scatter Lip adds all the strike-triggering action needed. Speed up and it gets more erratic. And, for anglers fond of twitching and snapping minnowbaits, rest assured the Scatter Rap Minnow bait will perform flawlessly at fooling walleye with this retrieve. Flat-line trolling a Scatter Rap Minnow is straightforward.

Top 3 Best Fishing Lures for Walleye

Test it boat-side to decide how erratic you want it to move, then cast it behind the boat and start trolling. In situations where walleye suspend high over deep water and are spooked by boat traffic, pulling a Scatter Rap Minnow behind an inline planer board is a good strategy. Fish for dinner is a done deal with this set-up! Is it any surprise that the company responsible for one of the best-selling, balsa minnowbaits, also makes the most potent balsa shad-profiled crankbaits? Shad Raps are legendary among anglers worldwide, with the 5 to 9 sizes being popular for walleye.

Casting 5 to 7 sized Shad Raps around points, shallow shorelines and vegetation is a reliable approach for spring walleye. The tight action of these lures will also catch neutral walleye in shallow to mid-depth areas in summer. Come fall, upsize to 8 and 9 sized Shad Raps. Cast deep weed edges, rocky points and breaks. Trolling Shad Raps catches walleye all season. Short-line trolling 5 and 7 sized baits along early season weedlines and shallow flats is a reliable way to boat spring and summer walleye. Knives sub-cat-drop-down Electric Knives. Fillet Boards.

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