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Which is the reason I separated them months ago. They got neutered on May 10 and I have a very calm house now compared to months ago I now live alone. So this should help. It's just the 2 kitties and I and it's very quiet here yet they can't seem to get near each without attacking each other. My 2 boys just turned a year old. They use to get along all last year and are from the same litter. My brother accidentally left a window open and they both got outside and we're confused and starting attacking each other. This was back in March and hasn't been the same since.

Thankfully I live alone now that should calm things down. They are very active and very aggressive so makes sense why they aren't getting along. All I can think of is introducing one scent at a time giving at least a month in between each scent. Hearing, smell, visuals supervising them in the same room of course , and then touch. I believe is the correct order but I can even get past the visuals without them wanting to approach the other cat and attack for the no reason. In need of desperate help. It's tearing my family apart cuz I can only love one cat at a time while the other meows cuz I'm not in the same room.

So that's all they do is meow all day and all night long. What else can I do???

Hello Yvonne, If you have been keeping them apart, I would probably see how it goes day-by-day rather than long-term. Let them out and casually observe how it goes. It could be any of the things listed in the article like one of them not feeling well and being irritable, some sort of change, or possibly boredom.

I have a female cat age 5 an a male cat age 7 the younger 1 turned on the older 1 had them separate rooms for 4 days now there back together but they don't have trust with each other an a it of anixety with each other I'm letting them have there own space am I doing the right thing never had to deal with it before always got in I think something has spooked my younger cat. I have a big 10yo male cat, and my roommate has two smaller girls, 12 and 4 yo.

Since my roommate moved in eight months ago, we haven't been able to let the cats be in the same room together. He's twice the 12yo's size, and we're legitimately worried about her safety. For about six months we've been alternating daily who has access to the house and who is confined to their room, and still my male spends a lot of time watching my roommate's door waiting for an opportunity to sneak in or charging the plexiglass when he sees one of the girls move.

I'm at a loss for what to try next, just because we're worried about him hurting them if given a chance. My female cat who is 5 has started attacking my male cat age 7 got them in separate rooms I'm so stressed with it what do I do to calm my female cat down this has been an issue for 3 days now an separate for how long. When we got our cats I introduced them and the male attacked the female. She just stares and never get distracted by anything.

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I have one 10yo female cat and brought a few weekss old female kitten two years ago. At first the older cat didn't mind her, just smelled her every now and then, they would even tolerate sleeping in the same bed with me watching but after two or three months the older cat attacked the kitten, resulting in stitches; it happened like three times more and since then I've had to keep them separated at ALL times, or else the older cat will jump at the other and attack with no previous warning, she never growls or hisses at her.

They usually stare at eachother like nothing until the first cat jumps to attack. It's been two years and they still try to fight with their paws under the door. I'm afraid the youngest cat will result seriously harmed if I ever let them in the same room, especially because the younger cat is way smaller in size and does not know how to fight. What can I do? I just want them to tolerate being in the same room without fighting.

Keep in mind the first cat was always outside in the woods fighting and hunting, she was almost wild and only came back home at night to sleep, and even though, there's always been more cats in the house until 3 years ago and she always got along with them.

I never had her attack any other cats in the house until now. Hannah, Cats are very sensitive to scents. It is possible the cat that went outdoors smells like a stranger to your other cat. If you are able to give them both a bath with a gentle, cat-safe soap, they will smell the same and the hissing should eventually stop. If bathing isn't an option, you can also try rubbing some cat treats in your hands and petting both of their coats. Then, they will both smell the same to each other.

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It is also possible the hissing is due to the stress of a change in their routine. Either way, I don't think the hissing is something that should last too long. They probably just need to re-adjust after the cat coming back. I have two female cats sisters since they were babies about a year and a half ago and recently one ran out the door and was missing for 3 days, she came back and now they are fighting and hissing at eachother, is there anything i can do to have them get along?

Recently we took one of out cats zazu to a grooming place to get his natted fur shaved. But when we brought back out cat his brother simba started to hiss and growling. I have use the towel method and it worked a little. I added a 2 month old neutered male kitten, Dewey, to my home. I already had a 10 month old spayed female, Kiki, who I got at 3 months. She folded into a house with 5 dogs. Dewey still isn't crazy about the dogs, but is getting braver and comes where the dogs are in my kitchen and family room. The cats have the run of the house sq ft with escape routes from the dogs if need be.

Dewey just stays out of the family room when he's not feeling brave. They are fed in separate rooms and each have their own litter box. They cats were very interested in each other through the door. After their week apart, I introduced them and all introductions went well.


170 Sleepy Kittens Doing What They Do Best – Sleep

Kiki was very good with him and I have seen her grooming him. He follows her everywhere and until last night, they played all the time together. It's been about 10 days since their introduction. Because she wasn't afraid of the dogs, she often was in the family room with us while Dewey was in another room. Yesterday, they were both lying together in a dog bed grooming each other.

Introducing a New Kitten to Your Resident Cat

Last night, all of a sudden, when we were in my room, Kiki started hissing and growling? They have had the ability to come in and out of my room at night and both have been in my bed since being introduced. She even blocked the room so he couldn't come in.

2 Hours kitten lullabies ★ for better sleep baby kitty lullaby

Again, this morning, we were all down in the kitchen and Kiki was on a kitchen chair. Dewey tried approaching and she started to hiss and make that growling? In all the months I've had her, this is the first time I've ever seen her hiss. I had pheromone plug-ins upstairs outside of his safe room and in the hall where she hung out.

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I have now moved one of the pheromone plug-ins downstairs. I'm hoping this helps. I'm so sad that things started out so well and now What do you think is happening? What can I do to try to help things go back to the way they were? Hello H, It sounds like the new cat is making a game out of his attacks. I would try to find ways to keep them all busy with their favorite toys, a few empty cardboard boxes to jump in, etc. Play will help keep them distracted and hopefully give them a chance to get to know each other. This can take time. The adjustment period after a new cat is added can be challenging, but redirecting the aggression into play can help diffuse the situation until they feel more comfortable around each other.

I hope this helps! We have to neutered male cats, brothers both 2 and a half years old. They have been the only cats up until another family member brought their 6 year old male neutered cat into the house.

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My one cat, the dominant one goes to seek out the newcomer but creeps slowly towards with a bottle brush tail and growls, the newcomer appears to be calm and gets closer to my cat. My cat then walks away and that's when we see the newcomers aggression. It's almost as if he's trying to lure my cats closer by appearing to be submissive and then strikes. My cats are now scared to be in their own house, what can we do to stop the newcomer from attacking my cats? My boyfriend has two cats both full grown.

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We just recently moved to a new home and the cats seemed perfectly happy. So I decided to get a kitten from a friend.

Kitty Cat (Age of Night, #1) by May Sage

The male likes the kitten, plays with her, gives her baths, gives her the smack down when needed and all that good stuff. But my boyfriends female cat absolutely hates the kitten and avoids her at all costs and growls constantly even at us. Any help? Just a quick recap before the current issue. I have a 3 year old long hair male Smokey , a 2 year old short hair female Nova and a 1 year old tabby mix male Cricket.

When I adopted Cricket, the lady told me he was a female. I didn't want another male cat knowing Smokey has already underlying anxiety issues.