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See Terms for more information. Contact 07 online qbd. The RRP set by overseas publishers may vary to those set by local publishers due to exchange rates and shipping costs. Magickal Signs and Symbols.

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Magickal Alphabets. Magickal Symbols. Magickal Inscriptions. That Something Extra. Magickal Clothing. Magickal Jewelry. Energy and Attitude. Channeling Chakras.

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Magickal Attitude. Talismans, Amulets, and Charms. Magickal Recipes. In Harmony with Nature. Working Magick with Crystals and Stones.

Magickal Properties of Crystals and Stones. Finding, Buying, and Storing Crystals and Stones. Learning More.


Working Magick with Herbs and Botanicals. Magickal Herbs and Botanicals. Finding, Buying, and Storing Herbs and Botanicals.

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Working with Essential Oils. All About Essential Oils. Finding, Buying, and Storing Essential Oils. To Know If Wicca Is Right for You. Where to Start. When to Advance Yourself in the Craft. The Responsibilities of Being a Witch.

What to Do with the Responsibility To Dare To Take the Challenge. To Confront the Issues of the Day. To Get Involved in Your Community. To Will To Follow Through. To Make a Change in the World. To Stand Firm in Your Beliefs. To Keep Silent To Listen and Learn.

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And Walk the Walk. Astrology: The Cosmic Muse. The Zodiac Wheel of the Year. Zodiac Signs and Their Energies. Zodiac Signs and Their Qualities. Zodiac Signs and Their Elements. Planets, Their Symbols, and Energies. Zodiac Signs and Their Planetary Rulers.

Books for Beginners of The Craft

The Houses. Lunar Correspondences for Wiccan Rituals. Energy: Moon in Aries. Dependability: Moon in Taurus. Communication: Moon in Gemini. Nurturing: Moon in Cancer. Courage: Moon in Leo. Self-Improvement: Moon in Virgo. Balance: Moon in Libra. Desire and Transformation: Moon in Scorpio.

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Exploration: Moon in Sagittarius. Achievement: Moon in Capricorn. Revolution: Moon in Aquarius. Compassion: Moon in Pisces. Void of Course Moon. Planetary Positions for Wiccan Rituals. Where's the Sun? Where's the Moon? Where's Mercury? Where's Venus? Where's Mars? Where's Jupiter? Where's Saturn?

Where's Uranus? Where's Neptune? Where's Pluto? Planetary Rulership of Hours. Magick All Day Long.