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AED No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. September 8, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Aug 07, Lindsey rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance-kindle Heather Snow delivers another knock out novel in Sweet Deception!

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Her second in the Veiled Seduction series does not disappoint. How can you not love a story with a brilliant witty heroine matched with a dark mysterious hero? You simply can't! It was a fabulous read! Well done, Heather Snow, well done! Looking forward to Sweet Madness! Sep 30, Mary23nm rated it liked it Shelves: is-not-in-our-library , xreviews-comments , z-bit-of-a-snoozer. Sweet Deception is well written with likeable main characters.

I don't know exactly why, but it was difficult to get in to. It took me about four days to read, when I usually finish in one or two. I guess it suffers from second in a series syndrome-a bit of a let-down from the first book. Jul 04, Cherise rated it it was ok Shelves: georgian , till-we-meet-again , friendlationship.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Honestly if H didn't return the feeling, it's going to be quite awkward and she might v well be the ow that would have deteriorated into a loony bin running after H's intended we read about in other books. I actually liked the H based on the first book, and was pretty disappointed at how he really is here.

Seemed pretty detached for most of the book except to have lusty thoughts of the h, and honestly I didn't like how their sexy times came about as it would have been totally destroying to the h's reputation, not to mention there's a high chance of her getting pregnant. If he really had cared, he would have not done it, or if he'd done so, would have made amends. We also didn't get a good feel of him despite quite a bit of monologue. I never understand why he's so bitter about his secret for over a decade, and why he decides on what he thinks he wants to do in the future.

While we know what has gone on, I just didn't connect enough with him to feel his angst and all he's not abused, he's got a good family upbringing, so honestly, I just didn't get it, maybe I was skimming some parts and didn't realize how traumatic it was for him as a boy It's pretty deplorable for him to behave in such a way with the h, despite her having asked for it and probably deserved what she got.

About turn came about really way way too late for me, I more or less just didn't care by that point, and because of how he kept pushing her away, there really isn't anything sweet or romantic in this one for me to enjoy. Our h, as mentioned, isn't my preferred type in romanceland unfortunately. While I like a headstrong woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it, I just didn't enjoy an insecure h excusing and scheming to get the man she wants, despite said man having rejected her quite blatantly time and again.

I think I might agree given the H's background, a persistent h will be the only one to break down his walls, but that doesn't mean I actually enjoy reading it.

Veiled Seduction: Sweet Deception (Paperback) -

Would have been ok if it's a secondary cast's story or a novella, but it's painful to read a book where the h more or less begs and throws herself at the H every other page, then being all pitifully tearful when said H wanted to reject her but couldn't because he didn't want to hurt her feelings. Also, while I like smart cookied h in historical novels, even I find it odd how h can only seem to make sense of anything in the world using equations and math, when in real life I didn't think life is that simple to reason away that way.

It really makes her quite annoying to read at times, as she seems to simplify problems quite a bit. The only thing I really enjoy in this one is the plot as it's intriguing enough to still get me engaged in the end, I more or less just skimmed the main story. Also fascinating is how the two went about discovering our villain and the grand revelation. I think I'm going to take a slight break from Georgian period, as that might have been my problem with this one, my being a bit overstuffed with same genre. Mar 29, Lori D rated it it was amazing Shelves: great-cover , adventure , historical-romance , audiobook , suspense.

Listening to this in audible brought the story alive and the narrator Kate March did such an amazing job.

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Her variation on the different voices and inflections are excellent and brought me under her spell. Sweet Deception brings Lord Derick Aveline returning home after 14 years away, where he had been working for the crown. He had been unable to find a traitor which was his last assignment.

What he finds is Miss Emma, a criminologist, in his home and he did not recognize her until he met her eyes Listening to this in audible brought the story alive and the narrator Kate March did such an amazing job. What he finds is Miss Emma, a criminologist, in his home and he did not recognize her until he met her eyes. She was the neighbor girl he had grown up with and wanted to know what she was doing.

Thus begins an adventure and mystery. Emma was looking for a missing maid and it ends up they both are looking for possibly the same person. I loved these two! Emma was really brilliant and had a knack for deductions and mathematics. She had always been in love with Derek from childhood and he now sees how she has grown up.

Heather Snow utilizes the strong heroine in Emma and takes her and Derick through many twist and turns. There is humor, delightful dialogue and a mystery that needs to be solved. I cannot wait to read or listen to more by this author. I highly recommend this story! You will not be disappointed!

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Better than the first, but still just an ok read. Apr 08, Cerian rated it it was amazing. After reading the first in the Veiled Seduction series by Heather Snow, I was really looking forward to continuing the series by reading Sweet Deception. It definitely didn't disappoint! One of my favourite aspects of Heather Snow's books so far are her amazing heroines.

They're always very strong and intelligent, and Emma is no exception.

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She's a gifted and self-taught criminologist, she's extremely intelligent and loyal. She's also very endearing, she has a rather innocent outlook on life des After reading the first in the Veiled Seduction series by Heather Snow, I was really looking forward to continuing the series by reading Sweet Deception. She's also very endearing, she has a rather innocent outlook on life despite dealing with crime regularly by acting as the town's magistrate.

She also has low self-esteem when it comes to her attractiveness and desirability, although very assured of her own intelligence.

Sweet deception: New test distinguishes impure honey from the real thing

Derick is a very intriguing hero. He presents the appearance of a self-absorbed fop, but he's actually spent years on the Continent as a spy for England. At first Emma takes him at face value and scorns the pompous young Lord, but it's not long before she starts to peel back the layers and find the real man. Derick has a dark view of life- unsurprising, considering he's spent years as a double agent; but also because of the truth of his heritage.

The romance between Emma and Derick was so sweet and progressed at a very believable pace. The passion between them was undeniable! I loved how Derick would convince Emma of how beautiful she was. I also thought the way she set about purposefully seducing Derick was brilliant. The mystery and intrigues along the way, as they tried to determine who murdered the housemaid, who the traitor was in their midst and how it all linked together was all very interesting.

It didn't detract from Derick and Emma's relationship, if anything it was a great way to develop it as they worked together. And as to who the traitor actually was I don't think I'd make a very good criminologist Overall, this is another fantastic and engrossing book from Heather Snow.

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