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Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf dem Chinesischen, dem Konfuzianismus sowie dem Daoismus. The dictionary comprises a total of 8, head characters, together with 44, explanatory entries of grammatical usage and 40, entries of Chinese words or phrases. Find a character in any of the incorporated dictionaries and you can follow the blue links, jumping between more than a dozen dictionaries spread across seven countries and four continents.

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State-of-the-art search tools facilitate research in depth, and a research library provides historical information on politics and government. It collects various type of yearbooks including national, regional, industry, enterprise yearbooks and so on. By the end of , there are about titles, volumes of yearbooks and 12 million entries in all in the database. The database is regularly updated. The entries and charts are downloadable only separately. It collects reference works from over China leading publishers, including dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, thesauruses, cyclopedias, illustrated books, table spectrum, biography, quotations, handbooks ,and so on, covering over 15 million entries and thousand images.

The content covers such subjects as philosophy, art, social science, culture, education, natural science, engineering, medicine, which are all written by expert.

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CRWO is a digitalized integration from traditional reference works, including 10 series and subjects. CRWO provides a powerful full-text searching system, allowing users to obtain all the relevant knowledge information in different books on one platform, thus it is a significant breakthrough in the limit of the traditional searching. Full text, author, title, time range etc. COJ includes journals from the fields of economy, health, science and technology, etc. More than 16 Mio. The data is meant to be useful for statistical, social network, and spatial analysis as well as serving as a kind of biographical reference.

The site is structured as follows: general references, selected topics and dynastic histories. Insgesamt umfasst die Datenbank etwa 7. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf den Sozial- und Geisteswissenschaften. Hamburg with While the first four databases assemble transcriptions and images of excavated text written on the different materials, the latter two only give typed texts. You will have to install a special font for each of the first four databases. By providing information on Chinese calendar dates, as well as an onomasticon of person and place names from Buddhist sources they help with disambiguation and geo-spatial referencing of names and dates.

Aktualisierungsservice, d. They are now continued in electronic form and only the English version has a parallel paper version. These electronic versions are currently not included in the database as is the Chinese version. The Beijing Review: The Beijing Review reports and comments on the country's social, political, economic end cultural affairs, policy changes and latest developments. It also offers in-depth analysis on major regional and international events, and provides consulting and information services.

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Over the past 50years, Beijing Review has strived to maintain objective and comprehensive reporting, and is regarded highly, both domestically and internationally, for its effort to serve the needs of its readers, with a circulation of over 70, per issue Beijing Review is distributed throughout China and in countries and regions worldwide. Its readers include statesmen, business leaders, government officials, company executives, economists, researchers, scholars and white-collar workers, In addition to the English-language print edition, Beijing Review also publishes online editions in simplified Chinese, English, French, German and Japanese.

Searches can be performed on the fulltext or confined to head entries, to a certain kind or subject group of reference books and to one specific title. Individual titles can be browsed and read online and scans of the original pages are provided.

In addition, about 3. The collection includes an extraordinary group of eighty-two paintings—illustrating a range of themes, compositions, and stylistic conventions—and three independent works of calligraphy, two of which take the form of rubbings. More than ninety other examples of Song and Yuan calligraphy are featured in frontispieces, inscriptions, or colophons attached to paintings. Many of the eighty-five Freer works have assumed near-iconic status in the study of Chinese brushwork in the West.

Despite their exceptional quality, however, most are being thoroughly published for the first time on this website. This pioneering project enables web users around the globe to study these artworks in their entirety and, through the comprehensive documentation of all associated texts and accessories, gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for one of the world's great artistic traditions. In addition to record graphic material on current interest for research and teaching, the University departments and institutes can digitize and transfer their already existing slide collections.

Prometheus enables the convenient search for images on a common user interface within different image archives, variable databases from institutes, research facilities and museums.

Digital Resources from A to Z

Currently you are able to search in 62 art historian, design, architectural, theological, historian and archaeological image databases with , images in total. As the official journal for British consular notifications, and announcements of the Shanghai Municipal Council, it is the first — and sometimes only — point of reference for information and comment on a range of foreign and Chinese activities. Regularly it also features translations of Chinese official notifications and news.

The Herald had correspondents across the whole of China. These supplied a constant stream of news of an incredible variety, such as, apart from news and gossip reflecting the social, cultural and political life of the foreign settlements; trade statistics, stock prices, Chinese news, essays on Chinese culture and language, law reports from foreign courts in the settlements, company reports, news on foreign social, cultural and political life, maps, cartoons, photographs, stock prices and law and company reports, advertisements, tables of tea, silk and cotton exports, or long-forgotten facts about missionaries, birth, marriage, and death announcements, facts about other foreign nationals — the French, Danish, Italian, German, Dutch, and so on.

Although a thriving treaty port press developed over the century of the foreign presence, no other newspaper existed over such an extended period, and covers it in such incredible depth and variety. The dense unindexed columns of the Herald offer therefore an indispensable, still largely unexplored treasure-trove for any scholar of modern Chinese history.

The Antique Maps of China collection includes more than maps, charts, pictures, books and atlases. It represents almost all samples of China maps produced by European cartographers from the 16th to 19th centuries. This cartographic archive vividly records the long history of cross-cultural exchanges between China and the West. In November , approximately The entries to the exhibits include photos and explanations as well as information to material, function, size and time period. The platform grants access to 7 different picture collections that can be accessed simultaneously: 1. Richard E.

Fuller director For the first time, it is being introduced and made universally accessible through this newly developed online catalogue, which features thoughtful and provocative essays about major works by renowned scholars, with high-resolution, zoom-able images of the works of art, and thorough documentation—including transcriptions and translations of inscriptions and colophons, and seals which are transcribed, identified and located.

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Since , Academia Sinica has started digitizing the archives and collections of its institutes. This online system has received much attention and has been used in Taiwan and worldwide.

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  • Contrasting Cultures: I-Centric and We-Centric;
  • Onassis: An Extravagant Life.
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream (The Shorter Shakespeare Series Book 1);
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  • Since , Academia Sinica has enlarged the digitization projects of its important collections, and made them available over the Internet. The contents include Taiwan's fishes, shells, aboriginal artifacts, paleography, ancient maps and contracts, and also include modern China's historical maps, remote sensing imagery, diplomatic and economic records, Chinese historical artifacts such as archeological materials, engraved stones, stone and bronze rubbing, bamboo scripts, rare books, ethnological collection of Southwestern China, and the lexicon of Ming-Qing Archives , and Mandarin Chinese and Formosa language archives.

    There are nearly one hundred digital resources. Users can access these resources online via Internet, without needs to be physically present in the library, museum, or archive centers. There are websites and over 1 million items of digital archives, accessible through the Internet portal, Academia Sinica Digital Resources.

    This is the world's largest Traditional Chinese digital database. In the past, information technology has brought about local changes to our daily work. Only with the rapid development of the Internet has information technology had such a comprehensive impact on our ways of social communication, knowledge conveyance, presentation and management, and moreover, on our perceptions of and approaches to research and education.

    Nowadays, the influence of digitization is society-wide and is increasing in importance all the time. Information technology has gradually altered our activities in our daily life, work, learning and leisure, thereby unveiling a digital era in which culture and education are changing in every aspect. The infrastructure for digital archives and e-learning includes the establishment of electronic databases, user habits, information technology literacy, Internet accessibility, government regulations and policies, advanced academic research environment, capabilities of industrial applications, services and marketing, etc.

    At present, the proportion of Internet users in Taiwan is one of the highest in the world; all the elementary, junior high, and high schools have Internet access. In addition, projects for e-government, e-commerce, broadband fixed network, e-learning and e-health have been set in motion.

    Furthermore, academic and research institutions have established solid technology foundations for electronic databases, information retrieval, language processing, the Internet, and multimedia presentation and management. Apart from government and academia, Taiwan's information technology industries and e-commerce services are also making good progress.

    Falsches Spiel: Roman (German Edition)

    Most of the required infrastructure for the development of digital archives and e-learning, therefore, has been set up. Among the high quality scans you can find unfilmed screenplays, screenplay drafts that were later revised, production memos and notes, continuity drawings, and much more.

    While most of it is in Japanese, there are also some English documents, and of course plenty of pictures to check out. The subjects include not only political, diplomatic, and economic history, but also historical linguistics, art history, literature, philosophy and religion, and overseas Koreans, for example.

    Chronologically, coverage concludes in the s. I have not sought to compile a comprehensive list for each subject. Rather, I have provided publications that have appeared since the publication in of the annotated bibliography Studies on Korea: A Scholar's Guide and recent publications not cited in that work.

    This bibliography, then, is both an updating of and a supplement to that venerable reference. Information has been sourced from print bibliographies, online catalogues, and first-hand bibliographic research. Entries can be searched by keyword and the results filtered by publication date.

    Although other online bibliographies on this topic exist, I hope my contribution will be significant for the thoroughness of its citations and editing, and its links to other useful digital resources. Es handelt sich hierbei um Publikationen der Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler der Weltbank. The images are not coded, so text searches are not possible; however, Japanese-language searches for the title, author, publisher, subject, and table of contents of the works in the database are possible.

    Digital Resources

    The blog draws on a global group of China watchers in the U. These definitions are not translations from any one Japanese monolingual dictionary, but have been collated from a range of specialist sources and scholarly publications, and from direct observation and study. Many have never before been defined in English.