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Kiss by kiss. This is the second book in the trilogy. This book contains sexual scenes, triggers and very bad-boy language. A false human princess.

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An immortal fae prince and his warriors. A kiss of Shadow and Light. When a horrible accident kills the real princess, Caitlin is forced to take her place. She must marry a dangerous fae prince and journey to the fae lands to sit upon a throne of deadly silver. But Caitlin has another journey to make and secrets to keep. She needs to escape in order to fulfil a promise to a dead dragon-queen.

Fae Prince Kael hates the idea of marrying the vile human princess, but he and his bond-brother warriors know she is the key to saving their people from dark magic. When the troublesome princess flees into a realm of shadows, will it be worth risking their lives to save her? Is she truly the one destined to claim the Silver Throne and unite the fae people before the war against the Darkness kills them all? One woman. Four fae warriors. Why choose? With each life she should live long enough to recall her past and become a fierce warrior, accompanying the souls of her equals to the afterlife.

But someone keeps killing her before she gets that far. But recruiting and seducing an assassin of her caliber, trained to trust no one, and to be one with the shadows, is no easy task. The books contain mention of self-harm, thoughts of suicide, and physical assault. All the fights.

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All the steamy sex. Whether male or female, human or supernatural, high school or adult, bullies come in all shapes and sizes. We love to hate them. Bring on the groveling and the make-up sex and decide if these bullies can be redeemed.

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Drop dead gorgeous. The flame of hell in their eyes. And rage. Pure, unadulterated rage in every word, every look and every breath they send my way. Holy Trinity is a high school bully romance fit for readers who love the transition from enemies to lovers. The Gloom is a powerful curse, one that escaped from Hell as the first of the demons escaped many years before. This curse aims to possess all living things in an effort to corrupt and destroy. Thankfully, the dragon was spared that fate. Now named Fate, she must journey with Ronen to find the other two mortals in his triad. Along the way, they are confronted with those who have fallen prey to the Gloom.

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Will they find their missing comrades in time and save nature from the darkness, or will this be the end of yet another dragon protector? Now I can get to work destroying every bit of influence the demonic fiends have in our world. Will they run when they discover just how brutal I can be? But when the shrouded folk discover to my intentions, I may regret this alliance even more.

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But she can survive it all as long as she has Damon, Mason, and Beckham…right? Can Eva discover who she is and unlock the keys to her past in time to save herself and the ones she loves? Or will the bond between Eva and her men be broken forever.

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One human girl. Five scorching hot dragons. A thousand reasons not to want them. None of those reasons matter. As much as I want to hate them for betraying Max, when we all finally meet face to face, the earth shakes with the instant connection between us. They seem to grow stronger the more time I spend with the devastatingly sexy dragon shifters. But the confusing attraction I have for all five men will have to wait until we solve this mystery. Go me.

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I may be a bit of a chicken when it comes to emotional stuff, but I finally laid it all on the line and told my men what I wanted. Our relationship is strictly forbidden. Falling in love with them would mean punishment by death, so I flee. It already belongs to three irresistible men. Nyx, Remus, and Torak are my guys. War is coming to Bonfire Falls.

Rule one: Throw blood in their faces. Rule two: Kick them where it counts. Rule three: Bite back. In a world where vampires rule and Donor Life Corp forces all adult humans to donate blood, the only true way to survive is to comply. Screw that. This is a new adult reverse harem romance that contains mature language, sexy steaminess, and sizzling attraction. A new standalone in the Broken Ladder Falls universe! Meet Claire and the trio of red hot shifter males next door….

My life has never been easy. Childhood health problems left me isolated.

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Moving in with my cousin and her pack was supposed to be a fresh start for me. But when they leave me alone to babysit their triplets, everything goes wrong. Their help gets me through, but it dredges up painful memories. With infinite patience and care, Dixon, Beau and Adrian take me from a terrified innocent to a wanton female, reveling in their hot hands on my skin, begging them to claim me again and again. Contains brief descriptions of a past assault. Also contains three super-hot alpha males intent on showing a wounded woman that she deserves pleasure, love, and a chance to heal… — Amazon.

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They tricked me. Ruined my reputation. Broke my heart. Blake, Edward, and Henry are the kings of my school. Betrayers, manipulators, and schemers of the worst kind. Revenge is book two of a reverse harem, high school bully romance that contains cursing, dark themes, MM, and sexual situations. Finn might not be happy about it, but what I do is none of his business. None of that might matter though. Not unless we finish this case.