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Remember she spends a lot of time with your children and may have some insights or notice things you may have overlooked.

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You may not know it all and can learn something from your nanny. That only happens if you listen. If you need to talk to your nanny about nap time, or how your kids are dressed when they play outside or whatever else is concerning you.

Know what you want the outcome to be from that conversation. Is it a better understanding of why your two-year-old missed a nap? The outcome should be a joint plan of action and not directed at the person. Try to focus on one topic per conversation — and repeat your agreed upon conclusion — before moving on to something else.

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And avoid piling on the criticism. If your nanny made a mistake, you have a better chance of that slip up not happening again if you focus on what went wrong and what should have been done in that situation. No one likes to be nagged including your nanny. And she may not be doing anything wrong. It could just be a different way to care for children. Your nanny may have lots of experience with other families and developed a child care style of her own, which should be discussed during the hiring process.

Her methods should mesh with your approach, so care is seamless between nanny and parent.

However, if your nanny is doing something that may seem trivial but is bothering you, approach it in a positive way. Explain that to your nanny. The key is not to make it seem like she was doing it wrong. You could get some constructive feedback that will help your situation. A gift or a bonus should be presented as an expression of gratitude or a reward for a job well done and needs to communicated in that way.

Be specific in why your nanny has earned the bonus or raise. Many parents are choosing a nanny share , rather than relying on day care centers to provide child care that is both personalized and affordable. As many parents can attest, child care is one of the most significant expenses in a family budget.

A nanny share is an excellent childcare solution since it provides convenient, specialized care from a nanny at a much more affordable cost. A nanny share is a child care arrangement where two or more families split the cost of one nanny.

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The nanny, who is paid a premium over nannies who care for just one family, has her salary split between two families—typically caring for all of the children together. Along with convenience and affordability, families involved in a nanny share cite socialization for kids as an advantage of a nanny share.

While a nanny share is an attractive childcare solution, it can be tricky to manage without proper planning and commitment. Check references and reviews from other families to confirm that the nanny is well qualified for the job. Choosing a family for a nanny share arrangement is just as important as selecting the nanny. I liked the fact that you screened the candidates before sending them to us, rather than sending the candidate to me before I knew anything about them, like happened with name withheld , your competition. Name Withheld. Morningside Nannies only sent me nannies that fit my needs.

Client X. We used two other services and an online service. Morningside Nannies had the most highly qualified candidates, one of whom we selected.

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I had an emergency situation and had a nanny sent over for the following day. I am so pleased with the service provided by Morningside Nannies.

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My son immediately fell in love with the nanny assigned to us. Indera is just wonderful.

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She is always happy and clearly loves her job. She is kind and fun and as for the practicalities, she is always on time and very flexible. Mrs Carter.

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This has been our best experience by far! James Wilt, Houston Symphony. Our full-time nanny far exceeded what I thought was available in the Houston market, and I was just as impressed with our part-time nanny who was another Morningside referral. I do wish more folks would use professional nanny agencies such as Morningside to locate full-time childcare! Elizabeth Tobin. The first person you recommended met my needs perfectly.

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Carolyn Goodrich, Stay at home mom. Set Clear Expectations When your nanny first starts out, make it very clear what is expected of her and what her duties will consist of. Strive for Open and Honest Communication. Keep Business, Business Your nanny likely cares deeply about your children, but the bottom line is this is also her job. Invest in the Relationship Just like an office job, have scheduled meetings and check-in times with your nanny.