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Her research interests include Singapore cultural studies and representations of trauma and memory in Cambodian, Indonesian, and Thai cinema. Daniel Herbert is an assistant professor in Screen Arts and Cultures, where he teaches classes on adaptations, apocalyptic film and television, the contemporary film industry, film history and film theory.

Mise en Scène and Film Style

He is an editorial board member of the journal Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas, and an advisory board member for the International Journal of Iberian Studies. Ann Branan Horak is the Director of Religious Studies at the University of Texas at El Paso where she teaches classes on major world religions, gender and religion, and religion and sacred space.

She teaches online editing courses for the University of California San Diego Extension and works in communications for a global company. He has published on post-postmodern theory, SF and contemporary TV comedy. His main research interests are contemporary theory, visual culture, genre cinema and popular culture. Beyvers, FM 7. Cristina Johnston is Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Stirling and has published widely on questions of gender and sexuality in contemporary France and on French cinema.

David T.

Routledge Advances in Film Studies - Routledge

Johnson is an assistant professor of English at Salisbury University, where he teaches courses in film studies. His ongoing research concerns the overlapping aesthetic, historical, and political registers of experimental cinema, documentary, art history, performance, and popular music within American culture. Serban, FM 3. Jess Keiser is an assistant professor of English at Tufts University. Tauris, Catherine Kevin lectures in Australian history, body politics and memory at Flinders University.

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Catherine has recently edited Feminism and the Body: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and is currently working on a monograph entitled Great Exp ectations: A Political History of Pregnancy in Australia since His areas of specialization include documentary studies, avant-garde and experimental film, and cinema and the city.

His dissertation explored the commercial crossover of Andy Warhol and other experimental filmmakers in New York City in the late s. Kedar A. Kulkarni provided mentorship for this article while a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University; this piece was originally written for his seminar on Bollywood. He is now a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, where he writes about emotions in Indian drama and cinema. Griffith, Director Rutgers University Press, Her monograph, Wife, Inc. He specializes in pan-Asian cinema with a focus on Hong Kong action cinema and contemporary Korean cinema.

Her work has appeared in Subtropics and Vice. His research interests lie in the interface of culture and politics in the French-speaking world since Burrell, FM 8. His areas of specialization are in slavery, emancipation, race, and manhood. Last year, Dr.

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  7. Marshall inaugurated a course on Blaxploitation Cinema. Professors of the Year Award. He has written and published on a diverse range of topics connected to film, literature and history.

    From Classical Hollywood to New Media Art

    She is a specialist of French and Francophone theatre, text, and production. In summer , Dr. Andrew Moisey is currently a postdoctoral associate at the Center for Cultural Analysis at Rutgers University, specializing in the correspondences between photographic form and philosophical discourse. He has taught art history, film studies, visual studies, and studio art at UC Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore, and Indiana University.

    Her published writing includes materials on Danish and Latin American cinema, as well as female body politics in film.

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    5. His research interests are in film and television studies, and gay, lesbian, and queer studies. His key areas of interest are American television, Andy Warhol, queer theory and culture, and East Asian cinemas. Glen W. His research interests lie primarily in European film history, phenomenological film theory, and Continental philosophy. He is currently working on a manuscript charting the link between the phenomenological notion of lived temporality and the embodiment of existential ethics in Italian neorealist, post-neorealist, and French New Wave cinema.

      Taylor Nygaard is a postdoctoral scholar and instructor at the University of Denver in the department of Media, Film, and Journalism Studies. He continues to work in nineteenth and twentieth century Russian and Soviet visual culture. He will conduct post-doctoral research on Aleksandr Samokhvalov. She studies global media ethics from a humanist perspective, especially focusing on the cultural labor of conflict correspondents in the digital age. He was president of the Society for Cinema Studies.

      His research focuses on French cinema, fashion cultures, and queer theory. She has written about film rhetoric, edited for books and journals, and presently works on a conduct book. By Christian Quendler.

      British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies: Special Interest Group

      This book explores the cultural, intellectual, and artistic fascination with camera-eye metaphors in film culture of the twentieth century. By studying the very metaphor that cinema lives by, it provides a rich and insightful map of our understanding of cinema and film styles and shows how cinema…. Edited by Sukhmani Khorana. Cinematic products in the twenty-first century increasingly emerge from, engage with, and are consumed in cross-cultural settings.

      While there have been a number of terms used to describe cinematic forms that do not bear allegiance to a single nation in terms of conceptualization, content, finance…. By John Alberti. This volume addresses the growing obsolescence of traditional constructions of masculine identity in popular romantic comedies by proposing an approach that combines gender and genre theory to examine the ongoing radical reconstruction of gender roles in these films.

      Alberti creates a unified…. By Samuel Amago. Across a broad spectrum of media, markets, and national contexts, self-reflexivity continues to be a favored narrative mode with wide ranging functions. In this book Amago argues that, in addition to making visible industry and production concerns within the film text, reflexive aesthetics have a….

      Edited by Janina Wildfeuer , John A. This book examines film as a multimodal text and an audiovisual synthesis, bringing together current work within the fields of narratology, philosophy, multimodal analysis, sound as well as cultural studies in order to cover a wide range of international academic interest. The book provides new…. By Giuliana Minghelli. Edited by Jinhee Choi , Mattias Frey. This volume looks at the significance and range of ethical questions that pertain to various film practices.

      By Ashvin Immanuel Devasundaram. This is the first-ever book on the rise of the new wave of independent Indian films that is revolutionising Indian cinema. Reversing this trend, this book provides an in-depth…. Edited by Barbara Lupack. The early years of the twentieth century were a formative time in the long history of struggle for black representation.

      The Language of Film: Crash Course Film History #5

      More than any other medium, movies reflected the tremendous changes occurring in American society. Unfortunately, since they drew heavily on the nineteenth-century theatrical….

      http://bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/cambados-minutos-dating.php By Jennifer Lynde Barker. By Colin Davis. By Anna Siomopoulos. While many critics have analyzed the influence of the FDR administration on Hollywood films of the era, most of these studies have focused either on New Deal imagery or on studio interactions with the federal government. Neither type of study explores the relationship between film and the…. By Xavier Aldana Reyes. This book brings together various theoretical approaches to Horror that have received consistent academic attention since the s — abjection, disgust, cognition, phenomenology, pain studies — to make a significant contribution to the study of fictional moving images of mutilation and the ways in….