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Ruffino - he described to his readers a case of false sanctity fabricated purely for profit: In the year MDVII, in the town of Berne, four friars of the Observant Order of St Dominic, Giovanni Veter, Stefano Theologo, Francesco Ulschi, and Heinrich Steinecrer, noticing that Franciscan friars were held in higher esteem, had a greater following, and received more alms than they did, resolved that they too should have a saint with stigmata and the wounds of Jesus Christ, and as among their number in the monastery there was a friar who was an idiot, a simple fellow called Benedict, they chose him as the fittest person for the purpose of their deception.

Contents Reality, worlds and universes The self and the soul Will, free will, determinism and motivation The way of the great dragon : good and evil, life and death The container and the contained Intimate relations : from infant to adult Faces, guises and roles : the Partzufim The language of creation States of mind Opposites Nothingness and narcissism Repairing worlds : reparation and Tikkun.

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